Steps to download Instagram for PC

There is no doubt that Instagram is the social network for pictures, for that reason it creates a very emotional sense of use; positioning itself as one of the applications with the highest engagement in the web 2.0 world

Since its launch in 2010, it has evolved in its way of presenting information, ranging from changing the format of the photographs to the inclusion of videos. All these attractions drive us to satisfy the desire to offer visual quality to anyone interested in knowing what we deliver through our Instagram profile.

Instagram was an app created for phone devises and also tablets but to for PC, but with the correct guidelines, you can easily install Instagram so that when you do not want to have your hand or you cannot have your mobile in your hand, you can do it in the same way on your computer.

How Instagram works

The Instagram platform was created with users of mobile devices in mind. It also allows publishing ephemeral stories with photos or short videos, in which you can tell what is happening in your daily life.

Instagram serves to upload our photos to the internet and allows you to choose between having your public account, having it private only for your followers, or sending the photo by direct message to one or several people in particular; In addition, it offers a section called Instagram Stories whose duration is limited to one day, and which allows you to post short photos and videos, to which you can apply filters, texts and emoticons.

Instagram’s innovations are based on giving a square shape to the photographs, contrasting with the 16: 9 and 4: 3 aspect ratio currently used by most mobile phone cameras.

How to install Instagram on a PC

You should start by creating an Instagram account. To install the app in your PC, you need to convert your PC in an Android Devise, so you need an emulator to make it.

Your Instagram nickname has to be completely new and original, because as there are millions of people on Instagram, you should verify that the name you want to choose must be unique, otherwise the platform itself will reject it.

Once you have opened your account successfully, you must confirm your user, if you do not automatically, Instagram will block your account. If you have finished all these steps, now comes the time to convert your PC in a Google Play Store, and that you can do with an emulator.

How to install BlueStacks

Next, install BlueStacks, which is an Android emulator available for Windows and Mac. This program allows you to download and install all applications and games for Android and use them on your desktop or laptop.

Run BlueStacks and a window similar to the Android interface will appear on a tablet. Then, open Google Play using the BlueStacks interface and find and install the Instagram application:

Open Instagram and connect to your profile and from now on, you can take a photo using your PC’s webcam and post it on your Instagram profile.