Main functions of Instagram and how to use them professionally

There is no doubt that Instagram has a great power of visual connectivity and, therefore, emotional; positioning itself as one of the applications with the highest engagement in the web 2.0 world

Since its launch in 2010, it has evolved in its way of presenting information, ranging from changing the format of the photographs to the inclusion of videos. All these attractions drive us to satisfy the desire to offer visual quality to anyone interested in knowing what we deliver through our Instagram profile.

Image edition

Its use is simple, but it can give your images a touch of professional or artistic photos, which will allow you to offer your followers higher quality content. Now Instagram allows you to zoom in on images so you can see more details in it, however, depending on the quality, it could be pixelated.

Instagram videos

It decided to go beyond the static images by including within its functions the possibility of adding videos to your Instagram gallery. Although Instagram was created for photos, the videos showed us that they make more engagement than photos.

Include hashtags related to what you report, using the numeral key (#), to position your video. It is important to know that, at present, videos have been gaining a strong acceptance among users of social networks, so it is always convenient to offer content of usefulness and quality, for those who will enjoy it.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have been one of the new services of this social network and have definitely come to stay. Available from Instagram version 9.0, this feature will allow you to post both images and videos, with a maximum duration of 24 hours.

Instagram does not let people make comments in the stories, but you can send a message in the MP in order to let know what you want to say to the other people about the story. To see them, simply enter the specific story and slide the screen from bottom to top.

The Stories will allow you to choose between making your publication public or not. You only have to swipe the screen from the bottom to the top once you are in your History and mark those users with “Hide history to”. You can also allow or not the messages.

Instagram albums

Instagram brought us in version 10.9, the possibility of publishing up to 10 photos in the same publication.

This new feature was called albums and came to support the main feature of Instagram: photography. Although we can also upload videos.

Instagram gives us in this opportunity a very simple but very useful functionality, by allowing us to bring one of the features of Stories to our gallery: the publication of several images or videos, with the difference that we can make them permanent.

Its use is the same as the publication of images or videos, so our experience in these will be the reward.