How to see Instagram stories without them realizing

It’s been several years since Instagram introduced the Stories. At first, these ephemeral videos of just a few seconds were received with some uncertainty among the users of the application, but it took a short time to become one of the most used features.

The so-called influencers or celebrities have managed to make good use of the stories through videos of questions or answers, direct, and many more. In fact, one of the latest updates that included Instagram, and that many users already demanded, was to be able to save the stories.

However, there is a but in all this, and that is when one of these short videos is published, you can see who has visualized it. Whether or not your contacts. Although what few people know is that there is a way to see the stories without them realizing it.

So you can see Instagram stories without being seen

One of the ways to see an Instagram storie and go unnoticed is with the well-known airplane mode, which, by the way, also serves to hide that you are online in WhatsApp and can read the messages.

So, the idea is to enter the application and let all the photos and videos load. Once this is done, we go back out and activate the airplane mode. After this action, we can open Instagram again and see all the stories and photos that were previously uploaded. The app will not notify the videos that we have seen anyone.

Another option is with Google Chrome. This browser has an extension called Chrome IG Story that allows to enter Instagram to see any storie and also download it.

There is also an application called Story Save for Instagramavailable for Android. It allows almost the same as the previous one, only from the mobile phone itself: look at the stories without being seen and be able to download them.

Apps to see stories Instagram without your knowing

However, there is another way to see them from your mobile, and there are mobile applications that will allow you to download the stories that others upload on your device.

Unlike previous websites, these apps will ask you to identify yourself in order to use them. Do not worry about this because, no matter how much you have to enter your user data, the person will not see your name in the list of people who have seen your story uploaded. We have done the test, and it has worked.

Story Saver, the app for go down stories from Android

If you have Android, you can download an application called Story Saver for Instagram for free.

The application works a little differently to webs to see stories without being seen from PC, and is that she will only show you the entire list of people that you still have some storie uploaded at this time.

Story Reposter, download stories from iOS

If you have an iPhone you also have the right to gossip a little about your ex. Therefore, in the AppStore you have an app called Story Reposter. You will also have to access it with your user. It works just like the Story Saver that we have told you for Android.

When you are inside, you will have to search for the name of the user you are interested in, and when you access your account you will see the material you have uploaded at that moment. Once downloaded, the photos or videos will appear in your photo gallery.